When the snow is deep and the fjord is white, we put on our snowshoes to explore the natural surroundings of Akureyri. We just love the crunch of our footsteps in the fresh snow. The snowshoes allow us to go outdoors without sinking too deep into the white powder and they give grip on patches of icy snow.
There is a snowshoe hike for every type of weather and every kind of snow. And if there's more ice than snow, we use our trail crampons instead. Just make sure you are fit, dressed for the cold and up for an adventure. Snowshoeing doesn't require any skills. If you like hiking you will love snowshoeing.

Scheduled and Private

WIDE OPEN offers several snowshoe tours for small groups and families, both scheduled or on request.
The 'Snowshoe Delight' is our scheduled afternoon tour (from Monday to Friday). In the morning you can book the 'Snowshoe Delight' as a private tour. We have kids snowshoes for private 'Family Snowshoe Tours'. If you have any special request you can always contact us for a 'Tailor Made Trip'.
Our guide will take you to the best locations with the best snow.