Our snowshoe season is over now, it's time for our yearly holiday!

Come back for a snowshoe tour in the autumn or winter. You can book your trip for next winter. Or contact us for a guided summer hike!

Wide Open is all about exploring the beauty of Iceland on foot and on snowshoes. Our tours start from Akureyri, the cosy capital of the north in the scenic Eyjafjörður.

There's a hike for every mood and every season of the year. But our main season is off season. In the winter we go snowshoeing and in the summer we hike. In June we hike late in the evening to catch the light of the midnight sun.

We love hiking and nature

Tourism has a big impact on Iceland as it is increasing very fast. When we go out hiking or snowshoeing we leave nothing but our footprints.


We speak ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH and DUTCH. ICELANDIC is pretty well on the way.

Rain or shine

Almost the whole year round beautiful and refreshing day hikes are possible, for most types of weather and varying degrees of challenge.

Creative and flexible

You can contact us for a tailor made tour, we will make a trip that fits you perfectly.